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New Britain Attorney Malpractice Law Firm

Few law firms represent clients that have been harmed by other lawyers. As with most professions, lawyers are, perhaps, inclined to guard their colleagues. At Walsh Woodard, we believe lawyers should be accountable for violations of ethical and professional standards. Just as doctors and nurses are liable for their mistakes, lawyers should be held accountable for the harm they cause clients. If you have experienced a personal or financial loss as a result of your lawyer failing to properly represent you or your interests, our New Britain attorney malpractice law firm may be able to help.

Legal Malpractice in New Britain

When a licensed professional fails to meet the standard of care as other like practitioners, they are responsible for the harm that results. This is applicable to individuals in a variety of licensed professions, including chiropractors, dentists, physicians, real estate agents, and lawyers. In New Britain, licensed attorneys are obligated to act in the best interests of their clients. When an attorney fails to live up to their responsibilities, the law calls for strict consequences.

Attorneys in New Britain can be held accountable under several theories of liability, breach of fiduciary duty, including procedural incompetence, instances of incompetence, ethical violations, and breaches of fiduciary duty. In order to prevail in a legal malpractice case, a plaintiff must prove:

  • That an attorney-client relationship was formed
  • An omission or wrongful act on behalf of the attorney
  • Harmed was caused by the omission or wrongful act

Attorney misconduct occurs when an attorney:

  • Misses deadlines
  • Gives bad advice or misleading advice
  • Fails to inform a client about the statutes of limitation
  • Misappropriates client funds
  • Fails to consult experts when required to do so
  • Acts incompetently in their representation

Trust in the Legal System and Profession

When an attorney mishandles a case, they hurt the client who is already going through a difficult and possibly devastating personal matter. You should be able to trust and confide in your attorney. The legal professional you chose to represent you and your interests should be trustworthy and an ally who gives you professional courtesy, sound advice, and emotional support in difficult times. Victims of legal malpractice generally feel betrayed and hurt.

Contact Our New Britain Attorney Malpractice Law Firm

Our goal at Wash Woodard is to restore faith in the legal profession. Our New Britain attorney malpractice law firm genuine believes that every client has the right to expect honesty, sincerity, and accessibility in his or her choice of legal representation. We are honored to assist individuals to recover damages from unscrupulous law firm and attorneys. Contact our New Britain attorney malpractice law firm at 860-549-8440 if you have suffered harm by an attorney’s incompetence. We can help.


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