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Labor Day Lawyer

The Connecticut Police Departments, Traffic Enforcement Unit, will be conducting A Labor Day Weekend Sobriety/Driver License Checkpoint.

Labor Day is coming up and DUI task forces will be out looking for impaired drivers throughout this holiday weekend. There will be many saturated areas of police officers locally and they will pull anyone over that commits any minor traffic violation.  They will be putting several drivers through field sobriety tests, breath tests, and even blood tests if they take that driver down to the police station.

Due to multiple cars being on the road and many potential drunk drivers, there are high number of auto accidents.  If you or anyone you know is involved in an auto accident over this holiday weekend, please contact us today so that we can help with this difficult process. You need to be dealing with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney.

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If you are at the lake and on a boat, this will apply to the person who is driving the boat. You can get a Boating DUI, which is called Operating under the Influence (OUI) while boating.

Important Connecticut Tort Deadlines


Notice Periods Length of Time
Defective Highway Statute §13a-144 (state), §13a-149 (municipal) 90 days  (2 yr. Statute of Limitations).
Dram Shop Statute §30-102 120 days (injury), 180 days (death or incapacity)(1 yr. Statute of Limitations).
Municipal Employee Negligence Claim §7-465 6 months (2 yr. Statute of Limitations).
Firefighter Negligence Claim §7-308 6 months (1 yr. Statute of Limitations).
Claims Against the State §4-148 1 yr. from when “sustained or discovered,” not to exceed 3 yrs. (Notice must be filed with the Claims Commissioner).
Housing Authority Claims §8-67 6 months (2 yr. Statute of Limitations).


Statute of Limitations  Length of Time
Negligence/ Reckless Claims (including Medical Malpractice) for Injury to Person or Property §52-584 2 yrs. from when “sustained or discovered,” not to exceed 3 yrs.
Wrongful Death §52-555 2 yrs. from death, not to exceed 5 yrs. from date of act.
 Other Torts (including intentional acts and legal malpractice) §52-577 3 yrs.
Product Liability Claim §52-577a 3 yrs. from when first “sustained or discovered,” not to exceed 10 yrs. from when defendant parted with possession.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims §38a-336(g)(1) 3 yrs. from date of accident.But in UIM claim, Statute of Limitations may be tolled by (1) notifying insurer of claim in writing, within 3 yrs.; and (2) bringing suit within 180 days from exhaustion of limits of all applicable liability policies.


Other  Length of Time
Service of Complaint §52-46 12 days before return date.
Filing of Complaint §52-46a 6 days before return date.
Substitution of Estate upon death of plaintiff §52-599 (b) Within 6 months of plaintiff’s death or, subject to the court’s discretion and for good cause shown, at any time prior to the action commencing trial.
Substitution of Estate upon death of defendant §52-599 (b) Within 1 yr. after receiving notice of defendant’s death.


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Attorney Thomas Moukawsher appointed Judge of the Connecticut Superior Court

Congratulations to our former partner, Thomas Moukawsher who on March 6, 2013 was formally sworn in as a Judge of the Superior Court here in Connecticut. Our firm will continue to handle disability and pension matters. If anyone has questions or concerns about new or pending matters please call 860-549-8440 or contact us online.


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